Reading progress update: I've read 499 out of 1001 pages.

The Way of Kings - Brandon Sanderson

Woohoo, halfway mark! (Well, close enough, math sticklers.)


So, I'm enjoying this book, but I'm kind of waiting for the following:


(1) To find out what it's about? Yeah folks, 499 pages in, and I'm still not quite sure. It just kind of seems like four completely separate stories right now. I'm not going to hold this against the book just yet, but I hope that it comes together with some sort of focus eventually.  The stories don't have to converge or anything, I just want to know the point of them. I have faith in Sanderson, though. The Mistborn trilogy taught me that the man is a master weaver. (BTW, if you've read this before, and I'm "missing the point" or something, feel free to let me know.)


(2) To get more emotionally invested. Maybe I just have high expectations for Sanderson after sobbing like a baby upon finishing The Hero of Ages - I mean, it did take an entire trilogy to get me that invested, after all. But, I want to feel like this 1,000 page investment has some sort of emotional payoff. I'm not saying it needs to make me cry, mind you - just that I want to really feel something, anything, on a deeper level than "this is enjoyable".