REVIEW: Neverwhere

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

This is the first fantasy book that I ever read, and I fell immediately in love. Thank you, Mr. Gaiman, for introducing me to the world of fantasy. Once "Neverwhere" captured my heart and imagination, I was never able to look back.

I've read this book many, many times over the years and absolutely love it every time. Sadly, I lent it to someone a few years ago and never got it back. One of these days I'll buy the Kindle version so that I can read it yet again. It's a truly magical book in a truly magical world. It's essentially an urban fantasy with a hint of dark fairytale.

Since reading "Neverwhere" I've read a bunch of Mr. Gaiman's other works, including American Gods, Stardust, Smoke and Mirrors, Good Omens (which he wrote with Terry Pratchett), and I've really enjoyed them all; but "Neverwhere", as far as I'm concerned, is in a league of its own.