REVIEW: Drink of Me

Drink of Me - Jacquelyn Frank

A pretty decent paranormal romance.

The Good:
-The book is engaging from the start, and stays so for a while. I didn't want to put it down for the first half.
-There's a palpable sexual attraction between the two main characters.
-Frank developed an interesting world, with different tribes and "pathic" traits.
-There are no love triangles or ridiculous misunderstandings between the two main characters to create any forced drama in the romance.
-The book is easy to read. And, while I know that it's not for everyone, I really enjoyed Frank's descriptive writing style.

The Bad:
-Mystique is a hardcore Mary Sue, Reule is a hardcore Alpha Male. Yeah, I get that that's a standard romance trope, but it'd have been nice for Frank to try to get away from that formula a little.
-The majority of the characters have pretty dumb names that sound like they could have come from the show "American Gladiators" (Reule, Mystique, Darcio, Saber, Rye, etc.)
-The second half of the book was kind of all over the place, and the final climax seemed to have too easy of a resolution.
-I'm confused about the Sange language. Where do words like "Sange bautor mo" and "kebe" come from? And if those words are Sange, why isn't everyone speaking Sange, and where is the rest of the language?
-The Jakal storyline was just completely dropped halfway through the book, which was both disappointing and too convenient. I would have liked to have eventually seen, for example, what would have happened if Mystique had tried to cure a Jakal bite.