REVIEW: Warrior (The Blades of the Rose, #1)

Warrior - Zoe Archer

This book was okay, I'd say about a 2.5 star showing. It's definitely more of a romance novel than a fantasy/paranormal/urban fantasy novel (or however you'd define it), which is fine, but I thought it'd be a bit more balanced going in.

The main problem with this book was that there's nothing particularly interesting or original about it. The plot is uninspired, and the characters are mostly vanilla. Props to Archer for including a smart, strong female lead who can fend for herself, but when 90% of Thalia's thoughts are about her desire/worry for Gabriel, and when 90% of Gabriel's thoughts are about his desire/worry for Thalia, and when Gabriel/Thalia's thoughts make up 90% of the book - well, it leads to dull characters, and a repetitive book. Also, the magic in the book was too all-over-the-place to be interesting.

I also had trouble getting absorbed in this book because of the writing - specifically, the language the characters used. I don't know if it's Britishness, 19th-centuryness, or British 19-centuryness, but I found myself getting distracted when Gabriel kept busting out curses like "blue-blooded bungholes."

Be aware when reading this book that there's a lot of sexing, a lot of erections, and a lot (a LOT) of Thalia getting instantly "damp between the legs" from simply looking at Gabriel.

For those of you that are video game fans, this book reminded me a lot of Assassin's Creed. The Blades = The Brotherhood (uh, without the assassinating, that is); The Heirs = The Templars; and Sources = Pieces of Eden. But, I'm a big AC fan, and the world shown in [b:Warrior|7199027|Warrior (The Blades of the Rose, #1)|Zoe Archer||7860127] wasn't as exciting for me as the world shown in AC.

So, all in all, it was an okay book. I probably won't continue on in the series, but, you never know.