REVIEW: Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul, #1)

Lord of the Fading Lands  - C.L. Wilson

I gave this book 5 stars and put it on my "favorites" shelf.

Sometimes, I think I must be crazy.

No, this book is not a literary masterpiece. No, there is nothing particularly deep to find in this book or series.

Yes, it features a Mary Sue heroine (and your standard alpha-male/tortured hero). Yes, it's full of a bunch of other tropes. Yes, I've ripped apart other books in some of my other reviews for having these same flaws.

But, to be honest? I enjoyed every damn second of it. I loved the world. I loved the Mary Sue and her alpha male counterpart. I loved the tropes. I loved it all.

A guilty pleasure, perhaps, but the fact is, I loved this book and the series and couldn't put it down. If loving you is wrong, Lord of the Fading Lands, I don't want to be right. And once the author comes out with a new series, I'll be sure to check it out as well.